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David Baake



David grew up on the Texas-New Mexico border, about a mile from the Sunland Park Racetrack.  His mother taught English as a Second Language at El Paso High School, and his father was a graduate student at New Mexico State University.  David’s parents taught him to work hard, obtain a good education, and treat all people with respect.

From an early age, David learned to cherish New Mexico’s public lands.  His parents took him hiking in the Organ Mountains before he was old enough to walk.  His grandfather, a Presbyterian minister, baptized him in the Gila River.  His uncle, a scientist in Albuquerque, took David bird watching at Bosque del Apache.  Growing up, David spent countless hours exploring the natural beauty of southern New Mexico, from White Sands to City of Rocks to Carlsbad Caverns to the Lincoln National Forest.

From these experiences, David developed a passion for conservation.  After obtaining a biology degree from Arizona State University, David enrolled at Harvard Law School, where he focused on environmental law and completed internships with the Sierra Club, the U.S. EPA, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

After graduating from Harvard, David completed a one-year fellowship at the Natural Resources Defense Council.  In this position, David defended environmental initiatives in front of the D.C. Circuit, the second most powerful court in the nation.  He met with members of the Obama White House to discuss the policies underlying the United States’ entry into the Paris Climate Agreement.  And he testified before EPA on how to reduce air pollution from airplanes.

Most recently, David served as a law clerk to two federal judges.  In this capacity, David helped decide major civil rights cases.  He wrote opinions that allowed disabled Americans to obtain the benefits they’d earned.  And he was a tireless defender of our constitutional rights. David lives in Las Cruces, where he has his own law practice.

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The Issues


Healthcare for All

David believes that all New Mexicans have a right to affordable, high quality health care.  He will defend Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act, and fight for universal coverage.


Investing in Education

Offering our young people a world-class education is not only a smart investment, it is the right thing to do. David will fight for early childhood education, strong public schools, and affordable college.


Strengthening Social Security

Social Security ensures that millions of Americans are able to live with dignity and independence.  It’s time to do the patriotic thing and strengthen this vital program for the benefit of all Americans.


Standing with Women

David is proud to call himself a feminist and proud to contribute to Planned Parenthood.  David will fight for equal pay and reproductive rights, and work to end sexual assault on campus and in our military.


Standing with the LGBT Community

David is a strong supporter of marriage equality and LGBT rights.  He stands with transgender service members who are heroically serving our country, and will support legislation to end workplace discrimination.


Welcoming Immigrants

David is proud of our nation’s history as a beacon of liberty that welcomes people from all over the world.  He will stand with Dreamers, work to streamline the legal immigration process, and fight to create
a pathway to citizenship for law-abiding immigrants.


Defending Tribal Sovereignty

David understands the importance of tribal sovereignty.  He has consulted with each tribe in our district, and is committed to working with them to invest in health care, education, and economic development, to repatriate items of cultural patrimony, and to protect sacred lands.


Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution

Climate change threatens our national security, our economy, and our way of life.  David will fight to accelerate the clean energy revolution, so we can protect our beautiful state for our kids and grandkids, while creating good, middle-class jobs.


Protecting Our Public Lands

New Mexico’s public lands are places of great beauty, where many of us spend the most precious moments of our lives, hiking and hunting and fishing with our families.  David is the only candidate with the passion and experience to ensure that these lands remain in public hands.


Caring for Our Veterans

The men and women who serve our country overseas deserve the very best when they come home.  David will fight to increase funding for the VA, so it can hire more doctors and mental health professionals and reduce wait times.  And he will work to ensure that returning veterans have the support they need to reenter the civilian workforce.


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